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Based on the acclaimed and visionary television series from Syfy and Alcon Television Group, The Expanse Board Game is a game of politics, conquest, and intrigue. 

Players represent Earth’s UN forces, the military of Mars, the rebels of the O.P.A., and the mysterious corporation, Protogen Inc. Each has special abilities that they must use to spread influence through the solar system using characters and events in the Expanse Universe.

The Expanse is an accessible card-driven system where action points and events help move fleets and place influence. But don't forget about the’ Rocinante and her crew, available to help players in need.

The Expanse includes:

                    - Board             - Influence Cubes
                     - Fleet Tokens            - Player Mats
                     - Action Cards            - Tech Cards
                     - Misc. Tokens            - Rule Book
2-4 Players, Ages 14+, 60+ Min

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